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marcelle goldstein

I enjoy pickled anything because of the crunch.
These items are tasty ish but very limp and lifeless.

Not for moi

Erin Gold

They taste great. A little soft for me but so good

Jennifer Jones
Not good

I made a large order and have not had a chance to try everything in this pack yet, but the kimchi brussel sprouts were not great and the traditional pickled carrots are the worst pickled carrots I have ever had. Also note this picture does not match what you get… note the picture shows spicy carrots and the description says traditional.

Out of what I have tried from my large order I would only order the salt and vinegar dill pickles again. Overall super disappointed with my order.

I would not generally recommend buying anything from this company. I got no response when I wrote to tell them one bag of pickles arrived leaking and the jelly was liquid. They just refunded the jelly without responding.

A little customer service would have gone a long way here. It takes approximately 30 seconds to write “we’re so sorry to hear about the problems with your order. We’re refunding the defective products.”

Also they took a week to put it in the mail and when I inquired as to why my order had not been shipped they responded 3 days later after it shipped and gaslit me, saying:

“The shipping is holding up your order, it’s long gone from me!”

The salt and vinegar dills (not in this pack, sorry) are really good though. I will give them that.

Caden bloom
Great taste, but...

If you’re a diabetic and looking for a sugar-free salty snack, keep looking, all of the recipes in this pack include added sugar except for the carrots.

It would be helpful to have the ingredients listed on the site, not sure if there is sugar in their larger pickle pack.

Ludmilla Miville
So yummy

Cannot give these a high enough review. I almost ate all my order in one sitting!

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