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Chai spiced pear

Wonderful combination of flavours.

I’ve never received it

Still has not arrived after two weeks waiting

Baby Carrot Dills
Ashley Francis
I'm sorry

I hate to write such a terrible review; as I was really excited to support a local woman owned company, and I love homemade products. But sadly I threw out all the products I ordered; as they were just not good. A weird flavour, left a strange after taste in your mouth; it's hard to describe. But def not a nice pickle taste that you expect when you eat a pickle, and the one jar of pickles was soft. Again I'm sorry to leave this review

I love these! So crunchy and flavorful! Yummy!

Pickled Mushrooms
Dianne Tanner

Very yummy, nice texture

Good spice and I liked the thin slices

Loved the firmness of the eggs

These were delish but I only got 1 bag. I called on jan31 and was told the other 2 bags would be sent but I havent received them yet.

Crisp Fresh Dill Pickles

Pickled Eggs
Anita Jenkins
Not quite right

80-year-old spouse liked the pickled eggs served in beer parlours in the 1950s and 60s. He hasn’t received the memo about the past being the past. These eggs are too “modern” for him - he thinks one of the spices used is dill.

Always great

Great pickles

Can't get enough of Five Spice Jelly

Love, love, love, this Sour Cherry Chinese Five Spice Jelly.

Pickled Grapes
Sounds Weird But So Delicious

Not a thing I would ever consider pickling before I had them but they are such a tasty little treat.


Fantastic flavour of the brine, the Brussel sprouts, good crunch, will definitely buy again!

Traditional Pickled Carrot
Cherie Morrissette
No flavour

The crunch was good in the carrot but the flavour was disappointing

Well I thought I was getting the jars of chutney but ended up with 5 small jars(125ml). For $71.00. it was disappointing. I hope it tastes the same as the larger jars as i haven't had the chance to try it yet. This weekend for sure.

Pickled Eggs
Monica Horvath

these are to die for and I’ve been buying them for years. Absolutely the best snack ever.

good pickles

Pretty good, but shipping took about a month.

Wholesale Pickled Garlic
Lonita Kilbride Reed
Fantastic pickled products

Love the products and the pouch packaging works well for shelf space.

Cardamom Apple Shrub

Amazing. I drink this with a ginger flavoured seltzer.

Caesar Mix
Melanie Mclean

It makes the perfect Caesar!

Hot Pickled Garlic
Lois Nicholls
Hot Pickled Garlic

My favourite, no more having to peel and smash fresh garlic, just take some cloves out of the bottle, quick cut and job done. Adds so much extra flavour also.

Absolutely delicious

I’m a huge fan of all of Mojo Jojo’s items, but these are particularly amazing.


Unbelievable fine tasty lemon asparagus