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Salt Dill Pickles
Simone Metz
Salt dill pickles

These r the perfect pickle i love them so much sour salty n garlicky all in one perfect balance of flavours. Pickle r a mix between a good crunch when u bite into it but inside a bit mushy but thats how i like them. Definitely just as good as my grandmothers homemade pickles n they r just better then store bought pickles.

Lemon Dill Pickles
Simone Metz
Lemon dill

They r cruchy but juicy inside also very sour brine i like em dont buy unless u like lemon tho its alot of lemon taste

Lemon Dill Pickles
Megan Leboutillier
Never received

I never received my order, and have emailed 3 times about it. I'd like a refund

Lemon Dill Pickles
Heather Strain
Lemon dill

Awesome flavor! One of my favorites for sure

Tropical dill

These are amazing! So flavorful with a kick of heat.


The beets were delicious however a bit mushy I like more of a crunch

Unique and Tasty Dill Pickles!

The spicy tropical dill pickles are truly a unique and tasty product. Highly recommended for the pickle affectionados. For those that enjoy spicy foods, the heat on this product is rather mild. The flavors the brim combines does compensate well. Gave this product 4 stars as shipping time could be improved.

Sour Cherry Vanilla Shrub

I have now placed a couple of orders with Mojojojo. While all the shrubs have a great taste, the sour cherry vanilla is my favorite and doubled up on my last order. It has the perfect blend and balance of tart and sweet. A perfect recipe. Thank you!

Caesar Mix
Caesar mix

Love love love! Won’t make Caesar’s without it

Salt Dill Pickles
Jay Graham

I’ve never had a better pickle. Please don’t tell my grandma.

Pickle Back

Love it, have shared my love with others who are buying now!


They are great with yogurt or on their own!

Pickled Eggs
Allan Montgomery
Est pickled eggs

My son in law gave me a bag of pickled eggs for christmas. Wow are they good. Not strong tasting.


So tasty. Just now had egg, mushroom and Caribbean hot dills

Great products

Love pickles, mushrooms and asparagus

Yummy & Versatile

These are delicious. I already loved Brussel sprouts, but never thought of them pickled before. The spices pair perfectly with them. Their taste is not overpowering, so they work with many other foods. I will order these again (I have to: these are addicting 🙂)

Crunchy Goodness

These pickled asparagus are so tasty, and very crunchy. The lemon Balsamic flavor is fresh and adds to many different meals. Will buy again. Thank you!

Big Fat Pickle Pack
Dave O'Marra
Very best dills

Love the mushrooms and asparagus

Pickled Beets with Fennel
Kirstin Guicheteau

They are delicious

Big Fat Pickle Gift Box
Meredith Janni
Big Fat Pickle Gift Box

Very nice. The spicy ones were VERY hot - definitely cut to smaller pieces.

Pickled Eggs
Jonathan chevarie (jonathanevil)

Pickled Eggs

Ultimate Caesar Gift Box
Alinda Friedman
Best gift ever!!

My giftee loves Caesars, and the Caesar gift box is over the top!! Fantastic!!

Interestingly Tasty!

These beets are delicious. The Fennel is something I never had with beets before, and is surprisingly good. One small note though: some of the beet pieces were quite large and some quite small, which meant the texture wasn't uniform. It shows they're handmade by humans though! Will purchase these again. Thank you!

Ultimate Caesar Gift Box
kerstin Roos
Fabulous Caesar mix with sides!

I bought this gift set for my brother in law who made me a Caesar over the holidays. The spice level was perfect on the mix and all the fun accompaniments(picked beans and brussel sprouts) were fun and delicious. Great gift box!

Ultimate Caesar Gift Box
Tim Jenkins
Christmas gift

I bought this for my wife knowing she loved Caesars at was a big hit Christmas Day. I may have to restock soon. I will definitely be buying more of your products.

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