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Great snack!!!

These are so yummy. An amazing snack!!!

Frais et croustillants

Au delà du fait que ces produits sont fabriqués avec amour, ils sont délicieux et croustillants. J'ai aussi acheté les asperges marinées, les haricots verts au chili et lime ainsi que les olives fumées. Excellent produits! Tasting the LOVE 😁!!!


Get this!

Excellent service

As I mentioned earlier, your pickles are awesome. Will be ordering again. Do you have any stores in the Stittsville Ontario area that carry your products ?

Awesome Brussels sprouts

The Brussels sprouts are crispy and tasty. Great flavour. Excellent in Caesars

not my type of pickles sorry

Mango jam

It was an unexpected pleasure to realize this is an imported product! It’s a great compliment to many dishes I’m sure. We tried with an appetizer of Vietnamese salted shrimp which was delicious!

Hot Pickled Garlic

I was so excited to get them but when i tried 1 they fell apart in my hand , They had the consistency of over cooked mash potato's . I bought 3 bags and threw out 2 3/4 bags , Sorry for bad review but its the truth !


gorgeous pickles, jellies and everything else we ordered - all lovely - beets were especially good

Tasty Pickles

The pickled beets are awesome and will order them again. The asparagus is also very good. The carrots and Brussel sprouts are too hard and won't be ordering again. Cranberry ketchup was very tasty and went well with chicken.

Holy Pickles Batman!!!

These lasted 2 days in our house! My only complaint is that I wish the jar was three times as large!!! Me and the 7 year old fought for the final one, obviously she won! :)

Arrived completely liquid

Feel free to take your chances but both “jellies” I ordered arrived completely liquid. Quality control is lacking. They refunded it - but it’s still disappointing to get a completely defective product that you’ve been looking forward to.

Not Jelly

Full disclosure - haven’t tried it and it has been refunded but it arrived completely liquid. Feel free to take your chances but their quality control is bad. Both jellies I ordered came completely liquid.

Don’t depend on this as a gift (for example I see them advertising for mother’s day) or the like.

Really good pickles

I recently made a large order and while I have not tried everything, this is the best item I have tried.

Unfortunately everything else I have tried from my order has been middling to very bad, to a complete failure and the customer service has been bad.

These pickles are good enough that I could see myself breaking down and buying some more despite the disappointment I have had… so you can buy them with confidence.

Not good

I made a large order and have not had a chance to try everything in this pack yet, but the kimchi brussel sprouts were not great and the traditional pickled carrots are the worst pickled carrots I have ever had. Also note this picture does not match what you get… note the picture shows spicy carrots and the description says traditional.

Out of what I have tried from my large order I would only order the salt and vinegar dill pickles again. Overall super disappointed with my order.

I would not generally recommend buying anything from this company. I got no response when I wrote to tell them one bag of pickles arrived leaking and the jelly was liquid. They just refunded the jelly without responding.

A little customer service would have gone a long way here. It takes approximately 30 seconds to write “we’re so sorry to hear about the problems with your order. We’re refunding the defective products.”

Also they took a week to put it in the mail and when I inquired as to why my order had not been shipped they responded 3 days later after it shipped and gaslit me, saying:

“The shipping is holding up your order, it’s long gone from me!”

The salt and vinegar dills (not in this pack, sorry) are really good though. I will give them that.

Must buy!

These are so so tasty!

Love them!

Wonderful pickles! They have a good crunch and great flavour. Thank you!

Absolutely Delicious!

Here we are working through our 2nd order in 2 months! Our faves so far: Smoked Olives, Mexican Carrots and the Salt and Vinegar Pickles. Those pickles though, to die for!

So Good!!!

I've never had pickled Asparagus that was still this crunchy before! They were so good!!! A perfect addition to my Cesar's!!!

Can’t give a review cause the order is for a birthday gift, in June. Later.

Fantastic Flavor!

By far, my new favorite Mojo's pickle!
The tang with the slight spicy heat is perfect. I love a good pickle plate. The Chili Lime Green Beans are a must have for a pickle plate, charcuterie board, or just to munch while cooking dinner.

These are going to be a staple from now on

Here's the thing. I am not a fan of Brussels sprouts. Ok I seriously dislike them. I bought these for my husband, who loooves Brussels sprouts. I decided to try one, and HOLY SMOKES, I can't stop eating them! They are incredible! Jojo, you've got me eating Brussels sprouts, what??! Don't hesitate, TRY THESE. You will love them!!! I will be back for (tonnes) more!

Adds depth of flavour

Tastes great: not too sweet and its unexpected tang adds depth to the flavour of whatever you pair it with. For me, it was too thin to be a butter, but worked great as a sauce. So far I’ve tried it on apple bread, apple pie, and banana cake. I expect it would also be great on a charcuterie board, or as an ice cream topping.

So Tasty!

Great flavor and nice crunch. Perfect for any pickle plate or a quick snack while cooking dinner. Definitely will order again.

Lemon Balsamic Pickled Asparagus are scrumptious, but there's better still!

Lemon Balsamic Pickled Asparagus are scrumptious, but there's better still!
The Pickled Mushrooms are out of this world!

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