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Big Fat Pickle Pack
Travis Laprairie

Great pickles! A little late come delivery, long process getting them to your front door

Yummy Little 4 Pack
Woolong Smiff
really inconsiderate marketing

gave me ptsd flashbacks to my time served as a stage preformer in the role of Jesus H. Christ, where i was actually crucified. really have to wonder what kind of sick people are behind these pickles.



Salt Dill Pickles
Ketie Jeakins
So good!!

Love the flavour! Good and crunchy!


Love these beets! The fennel adds something special

Undersized and over-priced


Lemon Garlic Green Beans
Crystal Krueger

Lemon Garlic Green Beans


I haven’t tried the tropical ones yet, but I love the salt and vinegar, and the lemon pickles. I never thought I would like lemon in pickles. It is a great flavor, not too overwhelming. I definitely will order both of these again, and perhaps the tropical ones once I try them.

A fresh, lively, slightly spicy little number!

Ok, I personally make LOTS of pickles, but this is extraordinary. As always, the brine is perfectly balanced, and I was actually surprised by how the familiar and well-loved flavour common in Mexican cuisine (cilantro) came across somehow despite using coriander! Along with the hint of the rich and round smoky flavour of the anchos, the citrus note lifts the whole experience to perfection when balanced by the earthy sweetness of the humble but adored carrot. I kept this brine to enjoy in vinaigrettes after the carrots were spoken for, and missed the brine as much as the quickly eaten carrots: a winner in my books! ūüĎä

The BEST shrubs!

I have become a fast fan of these lovely mixtures! There is an art to balancing sour and sweet, and Mojo Jojo has achieved the perfect balance in each one I have tried. I don’t know how she does this, as the whole is so much more glorious than the parts. The chai pear is not to be missed and the watermelon rose will have you swooning. I enjoy them hot and cold, and is a fabulous alternative to soda. I cannot recommend these more highly, and I am picky!

Undersized and Overpriced

Decent taste and ok quality product but small sized and overpriced for what it is.

Pickled Peas
Lymond Hardy
Best pickled item so far

These are the best pickled item I have had so far from mojo jojo, super crunchy and fresh tasting.

Pickled Peas
Ron Cosburn
Pickled peas et al

Pickled peas are really good but the best are the beets with fennel. I tried a jar of salt and vinegar pickles this time. Its another winner JOJO!

Salted Caramel Pear Butter

ohhhh - you want something yummy??? Get this, it is fabulous. Wow it is beyond good. Now go get some ice cream...

Salt Dill Pickles
Ron Cosburn
Why I buy these!!

I can buy good pickles for half the price but I pay double the price as these are just so good.

so good!!!


Bet ya can't eat just one!!ūüėéūüôĆūü•į

Pickled beets with fennel

Absolutely the tastiest pickled Beets I have ever had ! Love Them ! ‚̧ԳŹ


I've been searching for pickled sprouts for a long time and these were delicious! Hard to not eat them all in one go.

Popular Pickle Pack
Michealle Hanshaw
Incomplete order

Ordered the 3 jar of pickles and some sample items. Still havent recd my pickles

Hi There

Your tracking number is on your shipping notice.

It’s marked as delivered in the Canada Post system.

I’ll send you an email with what to do to start tracking with Canada Post.


Our customers love your pickled products!!

canada day kit

it took a long time to get them but everything in the kit is amazing and worth the wait, had a lovely caesar this weekend. thank you

Hot Pickled Garlic
Chloe pilon

Hot Pickled Garlic

Brandies Cocktail Cherries

Decadent ! Absolutely love them! Will certainly be ordering again in the future ! ‚̧ԳŹ

Best pickles I have had

I am on my second order from these folks. Best pickles I have ever had. The Brussels Sprouts are great! If they were any crunchier I would not be able to chew on them, they are quite solid and a nice kick to them with the Kimchi pickling solution. The Asparagus are my favorite, you don't need a Ceasar to enjoy them, but they would be excellent.
I am trying their smoked olives which are intense and the pickled grapes which should be served with maybe creamcheese and crackers? They are very tasty but they could use something to mellowthe intense flavor, does anyone use them with something different? I would like to hear!
All of the other items are well flavored and in my opinion very high end quality. It would be fun if the company took methods of consuming these unique pickles and listed them somewhere. Well prepared!

Kim Chi Style Pickled Brussels Sprouts

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