What’s with the Bags?


Thanks for noticing!  

why do we pack pickles in SUP instead of glass jars? 

We compared the carbon footprint of domestic plastic SUPs to imported glass jars with plasticized lids and the SUP has a much smaller footprint than the glass.  
The killer is the weight of glass being shipped from overseas and again pre and post production. The space efficiency of the plastic makes it over 5x  efficient to process and a fraction of the heated and lit space to store. 
What we’d like to see is a recycling program for both glass and amalgamated plastic in our markets, as currently neither is recycled in Alberta. 
We haven’t found a biodegradable bag that withstand both heat and acid, but our manufacture @SuperPoly has some great recycling pilot projects and innovation on the horizon. 
I appreciate the care and thought that made you ask! 

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