10.1.1 Beet Root Latte Recipe

10.1.1 Beet Root Latte Recipe

This recipe uses our Beet Beverage Syrup and Barista Grade Oatly to make a rich warming PINK latte.

Does a Beet Latte sound yucky to you?  You gotta taste this syrup,  it's got lots of sweet cane sugar,  ginger, cinnamon and black pepper and a kick of habanero. It tastes like a spicy cinnamon heart. 

Why a Beet Latte?  Beets are good for yo with lots of fiber, folate, manganese, potassium iron and vitamin C.  I think of eating beets as being good for your heart and a nicer way to get some iron in than those terrible iron pills that leave you tasting like you're eating pennies.  You won't notice it at all if you just focus on the pink happiness. It's also a great coffee substitute if you're trying to bring down your caffeine intake.



  • Heat 8oz of milk/mylk in a saucepan, or use your frother if you've got one
  • Add 1oz or two tablespoons of syrup to your milk or mylk
  • Mix with a spoon,  or add the foam from your frother to make your latte art or swirl. 



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