Shrubs: Cocktail and Soda Drinking Vinegars


Ingredients;  fruit juice,  cider vinegar,  sugar, spices, citric acid. 

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Joanna Dawson
The BEST shrubs!

I have become a fast fan of these lovely mixtures! There is an art to balancing sour and sweet, and Mojo Jojo has achieved the perfect balance in each one I have tried. I don’t know how she does this, as the whole is so much more glorious than the parts. The chai pear is not to be missed and the watermelon rose will have you swooning. I enjoy them hot and cold, and is a fabulous alternative to soda. I cannot recommend these more highly, and I am picky!

Jessica J

These are so good! Every flavour I’ve tried has been great. They are a very satisfying alternative to cocktails. I drink them with sparkling water. That said, I bet they would make excellent champagne cocktails. Sour cherry vanilla is my fave!

Kelly Deis
Different days, different flavours

We really enjoy the shrubs as an alternate drink. They are tangy but tasty and perfect with sparkling water or hot water if the weather isn’t cooperating.

Kimberly Noels

I love all the shrubs -- such a great replacement for soft drinks when mixed in soda water! I haven't tried them as part of a cocktail yet, but maybe I'll do that this evening.
The very best, best, best thing in the world, though, is MoJo JoJo's pickled mushrooms!

Adrienne Radford
Sour Cherry Vanilla Shrub

This stuf is so good. A shot of it in a glass of soda is awesome. Best shrub I’ve tasted

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