Pickling Heritage Chickens

pickled eggs

Heritage Chicken Eggs and Mojo Jojo Pickled Eggs

Ok,not the whole chicken,  but certainly the eggs.I am more than pleased to be a partner with the University of Alberta’s Heritage Chicken Project.   If you don’t know about the project,  you can read more about it here.   But it’s,  in an eggshell,   the opportunity to sponsor, name and benefit from a flock of chickens held by the University of Alberta Farm as a way of protecting the genetic heritage of the modern chicken.

We’re picking up cage free eggs peeled by the dedicated staff and student clubs at the UofA and putting them into our delicious traditional pickled egg brine.  They’ve got lots of dill,  mustard, and a peck of chili,  pepper and a few secret ingredients.   If you’ve enjoyed the giant jar popular in the worst sort of bars in Alberta,  you’ll certainly enjoy this upscale version.

You have to be a sponsor of the program to get the first crack at an egg, and there’s a waiting list.   Later this winter,  we’ll have a few jars available at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market if you want to make off like a fox with a jar.

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