James Beard Awards Pickle and Preserve Winners

I love it when this list come out every year. I want to be on it. I always scan through and see if anyone stole my flavour. I did see pickled cherries and blueberries make the list. I let out a Homeresque Doh! then when on line to try and find them.
Baba’s Cooking School, Lala Sauce, Washington DC
Confituras, Pickled Blueberries, Texas
Firefly Kitchens, Firefly Kimchi, Washington
Gordy’s Pickle Jar, Sweet Pepper Relish, Washington DC
Happy Pantry, Power Krautage, California
**Jarred SF Brine, Sweet Spiced Pickled Cherries, California
Marcia’s Munchies, Bread & Butter, Michigan
Oly Kraut, Sea Vegetable & Curry Kraut, Washington
Pogue Mahone Pickles, Dill & Garlic Pickles, Texas
Rick’s Picks, Smokra, New York
SouthPort Grocery, Onion Marmalade, Illinois
The Brinery, Sea Stag, Michigan
Two Chicks Farm, Dill Kraut + Pickles, North Carolina
**Wine Forest, Pickled Sea Beans, California

Bathtub Gin, Limoncello Strawberry, Tennessee
Black Radish Creamery, Billionaire & Mr. Atwood’s Jelly, Ohio
Blake Hill Preserves, Plum & Fennel Chutney, Vermont
Central Bottle Wine + Provisions, Juliet Tomato Jam with Hand Harvested Fennel Pollen, Massachusetts
Crosstown Sweets, Plum & Star Anise Jam, New York
Garden Dreams Houston, Peaches and Dream, Texas
Kelly’s Jelly, Kelly’s Habañero Pepper Jelly, Oregon
Kuaiwi Farm, Papaya, Apple Banana, Rangpur Lime Fruit Leather, Hawaii
Lilli-Pilli Patisserie, Mirabelle Plum, Washington
**Mimi’s Confitures, Onion Jam, California
**Plumline, Santa Rosa Plum Jam, California
Quince & Apple, Tart Cherry Grenadine, Wisconsin
Republic of Jam, Marionberry Espresso, Oregon
Swallowtail Farm, Rhubarb Syrup, Michigan
The Jelly Queens, Blood Orange Marmalade, Texas

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