Monthly Archives: January 2014

James Beard Awards Pickle and Preserve Winners

I love it when this list come out every year. I want to be on it. I always scan through and see if anyone stole my flavour. I did see pickled cherries and blueberries make the list. I let out a Homeresque Doh! then when on line to try and find them.
Baba’s Cooking School, Lala […]

Pick a Winner

The Tomato magazine is running their “Best things to Eat” contest this month.   It’s a great chance to herald your favourite eats in Edmonton,  or to discover new ones.   Last year,  our Salted Carmel Pear Butter was voted number 38 of 100 best things.   If you’ve enjoyed one of our tasty jars,  please […]

Pickling Heritage Chickens

Heritage Chicken Eggs and Mojo Jojo Pickled Eggs
Ok,not the whole chicken,  but certainly the eggs.I am more than pleased to be a partner with the University of Alberta’s Heritage Chicken Project.   If you don’t know about the project,  you can read more about it here.   But […]